Founded in September 2012. For years, one of the founders, Julia Abasova, had a problem with thigh chafing. A simple pleasure, such as wearing a dress or a skirt became a challenge for her.  She never talked about this issue with anyone, just kept it to herself. She even created spandex-like thigh bands which she used for years. One day, over a cup of tea, knowing that her friend, Rena Abramoff, was looking for a problem-solution-business-idea, she decided to bring up this issue hoping that together they would find a solution for everyone suffering from chafing. They discovered that this problem is quite common and that many women around the world were struggling with chafing. After intensive research, keeping both comfort and convenience in mind, Bandelettes® thigh bands were born!

In September 2012 they filed Patent and Trademark applications. The patent was registered in February 2013 and later granted. Once the patent was registered, Bandelettes recorded their first U.S. and European sales. A major milestone occurred in July 2013 when Bandelettes® was shared with the world in an article in The Guardian. The author there said, “nothing’s excited me quite as much as a new product that has hit the market this summer called Bandelettes®.” And that was just the beginning of countless raving reviews in the press. 

Bandelettes® thigh bands are as effective as they are convenient to wear. While they look similar to thigh-high tights, you will never have to deal with the burden of stockings slipping down. Bandelettes® thigh bands are made of high-quality and delicately crafted stretchy lace, that lightly wraps around the thighs and brings an end to skin rubbing as well as chafing. The two rows of stay-up silicone inside the bands hold them in place all day long without any risk of slipping. Aesthetically pleasing and chic, Bandelettes® thigh bands offer a welcome and attractive alternative to tights and pantyhose during the warm and hot weather.

Not only are Bandelettes® thigh bands sexy and chic, they also get rid of that painful thigh chafing so many women experience despite their body shape or size. Bandelettes® is planning to have a full line of lingerie, which will be both as beautiful and comfortable as their first invention: Thigh Bands. 

Country of origin: USA

Known for: innovative and fashionable solution to thigh chafing