Lingerie is an unusual fusion of self-expression and intimacy.

It is hidden underneath, yet it tells a story of who we are – what we are like, when no one is watching.
It enables us to draw a fuller, richer picture of ourselves and express what is hidden from other people’s eyes: the ambiguous, surprising, and subversive self.

Avocado lingerie is hand-made in Poland from high quality fabrics: Swiss tulle and French lace. Seemingly delicate, it is in fact very supportive and carefully designed to give exceptional comfort for daily use.

For fifteen years we have been expertly creating lingerie in wide variety of cup sizes from C to K and bands from 60 to 90. This year we have also designed a collection of our signature styles for smaller cups – from A to C.

Avocado is an artisan manufacturer. Sewing our lingerie requires uncompromising precision and artisanal skills. Every piece is made in Poland, in small quantities or to order. From the design through construction and choice of colours, we aim to create a perfect piece of lingerie: beautiful, comfortable and perfectly shaped.

Our co-operation with brafitters in Poland and abroad proves that the demand for well made, beautiful lingerie knows no borders. Our designs are available in Europe, Australia and the USA.

Country of origin: Poland

Size Range: 60-90 bands and A-K cups (Polish sizing)

Known for: High quality artisanl construction and large size range