Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe

Laurie Dunlap began Blue Canoe in 1994 with a clear vision—to create organic clothing made in the USA that would fit the way women really lived. As a women-owned and run company, we knew what our customers were looking for—it was what we wanted for ourselves.

We focused on effortlessly stylish and versatile designs in high-quality fabrics that feel good next to your skin. We combined functional with beautiful. We believed women should be able to dress once and go through the day. Our customers agreed. And the line and the business grew.

Today Blue Canoe is thriving in San Francisco where we manufacture a full line of timeless, eco-friendly clothing and lingerie. We remain committed to using the finest fabrics, manufacturing from start to finish in the USA, and designing for the real world with simple lines, sensuous fabrics and sophisticated styles that are never fussy.

Natural fibers, natural comfort, natural beauty. Organic cotton and organic bamboo are the hallmark of Blue Canoe—the heart of everything we do. Simply put, they’re good for the world.

Our cotton and bamboo are grown without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Then, only the most gentle, nontoxic dyes are used, so plants, animals and people are protected. The result? Fabrics that are inherently soft, fluid and breathable, even in the warmest weather.

All our clothing is plant based. We don't use petroleum derived fabrics such as polyester or nylon that rely on oil and pollute the planet.

You will feel good wearing Blue Canoe and feel good choosing Blue Canoe.

Bamboo is the ultimate sustainable crop. It’s very fast growing, and renewable. It requires no pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation. It causes no soil erosion and reduces runoff. Bamboo can yield 20 times more fiber than trees and regenerates without plowing or replanting. It can be grown on soil that is damaged by overgrazing. Bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than trees thereby reducing carbon dioxide that causes global warming.

Like rayons from other sources, bamboo has to be chemically processed to break down the fiber.

Tencel is a rayon from managed tree farms. Although chemically processed, the chemicals are recycled and re-used, limiting chemicals in the waste stream.

Blue Canoe is following progress on these fibers closely in line with our mission of using the most environmentally friendly fabrics available. We offer our customers only plant based clothing made with organically grown fibers.  We don't use petroleum based fabrics such as polyester and nylon. You'll feel the difference!

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