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As a regular participant of the international fashion forums, AJOUR forms the trends of future seasons. Materials for new collections are purchased at prestigious international exhibitions: Ajou uses only top quality fabrics from leading manufacturers in Italy, Spain and France. Ajour loves to pay special attention to jewelry, which is why their collections are full of different metal and stone pendants and Swarovski appliqués. Most of them are handcrafted with unique designs by AJOUR designers. In the global lingerie fashion space, the Ukrainian brand is known for its combination of textures and colors, as well as the exquisite design of models. The Ukrainian women are known for their desire to be elegant every day, and AJOUR loves and knows how to make wishes come true. Distinguished AJOUR lingerie was appreciated not only by our compatriots. Products are successfully sold in 48 states of the USA, as well as in many countries of Europe and Asia. But AJOUR delights not only with elegant lingerie. Each year the brand presents a collection of fashionable swimwear and home wear. With AJOUR you can be fashionable and stylish both on the sea coast and at home.

Country of origin: Ukraine

Size Range: 30-44 bands, A-I cups (Ajour uses Ukranian sizing)

Known for: embroidery, lace, jewel appliques/details