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Bra Shopping frustrating you? We get it. Busted offers fit services in store or virtually with an expert fitter named Cynthia. There are tabs to help you navigate those services in the pink box.

Anchor and Sweep

Posted by Lee Padgett CEO/Founder Busted Bra Shop on 30th Aug 2023

Part of the beauty of going into a specialty bra boutique like Busted, is that we can educate you on the product and how it interfaces with your body. One way to make sure the product is performing at its best, iws to make sure you are putting it on properly. Yes, there is a correct way of putting on your bra. We recommend hooking the bra behind you whenever possible, but we understand that some people just can't do that. Be sure that when you do put the bra on, that you are not flipping the wire, because that can cause damage to the wire. Once you have the bra hooked, you want to peroform the achor and sweep move: hold the wire on the bottom back of the bra, and sweep the side breast tissue up and away from the wire. At this point, all the breat tissue should be inside the wire and be fully supported by the bra.  Watch the video to learn more.  

@bustedbrashop One of our fitters helping out model adjust herself into the br@ #detroit #smallbusiness #abtf ♬ original sound - Busted Bra Shop