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Traveling with bras

Posted by Lee Padgett CEO/Founder Busted Bra Shop on 24th Feb 2024

I  keep getting asked about traveling with bras. I have to confess, I take multiple bras when I travel. Like sometimes 1.5 per day.  I throw in lots of undies, and then pick out the outfits that match the foundations. The bras should pack pretty flat so the cups don't get crushed. BUT!  If you do pack a super firm molded cup bra, pack your socks, or undies in the cup to keep it full. Its really about lowering that crush pressure. The best bras to pack are the cut and sew bras like the Elomi Matilda or Morgan, the molded laces like the Empreinte Cassioppe, the spacer fabrics like the Montelle Sublime or the Elomi Charlie Spacer, and the wire free sports like most all of the Anita sports bras, and Wire Free bralettes like the Cosabella Curvy Plungie and the Evelyn and Bobbie Beyond bra. The Evelyn and Bobbie Beyond bra is really a super supportive wire free that clasps in the back, gives you two boobs, and provides a back smoothing band. I also like to travel with a supportive body suit. Its really fun to layer an ourfit with a body suit and I feel very grown up and still a little sexy. The new ones by Leonisa provide a little shaping, which is just a bit of a bonus. I should mention that throwing in a small Soak Detergent is also a must. You might not hand wash on the trip, but just in case take the Soak. You can easity hand wash an item in a bucket or sink. The Soak product doesn't have to be rinsed out and your item can hang dry. I hope you have a wonderful trip in the futire and can use these tips!