Adhesive/Backless Bras

What is an adhesive or backless bra? An adhesive or backless bra is worn with outfits that prevent the wearing of a regular bra because of their neckline, back, and/or straps. These sticky bras are great for special outfits that are backless, plungey, strapless and/or thinly strapped. However, these sticky bras are not meant to be worn every single day or for long periods of time, as they do not provide the same support that a regular bra provides: the support of a regular bra comes from the snugness of the band, and a band that goes around the entire body is not possible with these types of outfits. Please call us at (313) 288-0449 to speak with a fitter if you need help deciding what type of adhesive or backless bra would work best with your size and outfit.