Spanx 911 Original Footless Pantyhose Black

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One snip of the scissors - that’s all it took for Sara Blakely to invent our ultra-comfortable capri shapewear. This popular style helps slim things down - from your tummy to your thighs - so you can look and feel amazing all the time. The best part? You can wear our capri-length shapewear with light colored or fitted pants without having to worry about VPL or cellulite. So go out and buy those white pants you’ve had your eyes on - our capri body shapers have got you covered (literally)!

Size A: Height: 4'10"-5'5" Weight: 95-125 lbs

Size B: Height: 4'10"-5'9" Weight: 115-150 lbs

Size C: Height: 4'11"-6'0" Weight: 140-180 lbs

Size D: Height: 5'0"-6'0" Weight: 165-220 lbs

Size E: Height: 5'1"-6'0" Weight: 195-265 lbs

Size F: Height: 5'1"-6'0" Weight: 240-300 lbs

Size G: Height: 5'2"-6'0" Weight: 290-325 lbs