Lise Charmel Adorable en Sexy Culotte in Noir

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Adorable en Sexy collection by Lise Charmel: A refined and deliciously suggestive look, this line with exceptional know-how is adorned with exclusive floral embroidery in tone-on-tone black and applied by hand.

Combining subtle transparency and lurex details, this adorable collection highlights the lightness of the materials and the modernity of the cuts.

The ultimate in luxury: this shorty is created with multiple fine European materials, including Calais Leavers lace, French embroidery, and tulle. The Leavers lace extends down the thighs, while the back has embroidery and a jeweled ring.

70% Polyamide / Nylon, 15% Elastane / Spandex, 12% Cotton, 3% Polyester